Every day, members of our community suffer neglect, exploitation, and verbal or emotional abuse. Learn the signs. Together we can prevent elder abuse. Victims hesitate to come forward because they know the abuser and depend on him or her. When in doubt, speak out!

Recognize the signs of abuse

  • Being over-medicated or under-medicated, unexplained bruises and fractures
  • Lack of medical aids such as walkers and wheelchairs
  • Unsafe or unclean living conditions, malnutrition, or dehydration
  • Isolation from family and friends. Limited visitors.
  • Unpaid bills, utilities cut off, unusual
    banking activity
  • Fear, anxiety, withdrawal, or uncharacteristic behavior such as sucking or rocking

How to report abuse

It’s the law. Report allegations of elder abuse so authorities can investigate. If you suspect abuse, contact Adult Protective Services (APS). For medical emergencies call 911. Call Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) Care Coordinators to connect victims to necessary resources.

Meet our sponsors

The Plough Foundation Aging Initiative focuses on the most pressing issues facing older adults in our community. We believe older adults deserve to feel safe, independent, and in control of their destiny.

United Way of the Mid-South mobilizes community resources to address priority issues. Driving The Dream is an initiative that strengthens the ability of nonprofits across our region to connect people in poverty to the right services for help.

Meet our CREA partners

CREA partners include the area’s leading service agencies, working collaboratively to help victims feel safe again – from home health care and housing to legal representation and law enforcement. Our innovative approach to care coordination returns a victim’s dignity and independence as soon as possible.

Real CREA cases


How you can get involved

Volunteer your time to help seniors who are vulnerable or isolated.

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Help spread the word

Request speakers or educational material about elder abuse.

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